Thursday, March 15, 2012

Add Background Image To Folder In Windows Explorer

Add Background Image To Folder In Windows Explorer

HII FRIENDS I M BAck with a new Trick Hope u Will enjoy this One........

Here it is....
 When you open drive or folder, You see white background.Even, if you change your theme, your window explorer background remains white and its very common.Now you can Add or Change background of any folders or Drives.
This Trick will let you add images as background of the folders or drives.It will set as wallpaper to that folder windows or drives.
Suppose we have two drive one for movies and other for songs.You can add or set background image for both drive.So when you open Movie drive,You will see movies background images and when you open songs drive, You will see album images as background.

Below image shows that i have changed the background of My Document.

In the above image,i have changed My Document Background Showing some Image,Which is looking Professional and Cool.
To Set Or Add Image To Background of window Explorer...
Follow this Simple Procedure...

1.} Go to Start >> All Program >> Accessories >> Open Notepad.

2.} Paste the Below Code in notepad.


Copy the code as Shown Above.The three line of code should on separate line as shown above.
·                          Now, Save it as "Desktop.ini" without quotes .Save this file where you need image background.Above Example shows that i have saved in My document.
·                          Now,You need image for background.Create a folder named Images and Copy images in that folder.Now give the directory of the image location in the second line of coding. Suppose your image name is my image.jpg which is inside the images folder,Then the directory for this will be Images\my image.jpg.I have named my images with serial number which make more easy to change images.

Now, we have two files.First files is the code saved as Desktop.ini and other one is a Folder named Images,Contains the images used for background.

Make Sure you specify, Correct Directories in Second Line of the code.
i.e IconArea_Image=IMAGES\7.Jpg
Third line of code specify icon text color.If background is black, Then change the text color to white.

NOTE:: Place the Images FOLDER and  Desktpo.ini in the same folder whose background u want to chane 

You can use this trick to any folder or drive, Even to Portable drives,Flash drives,Pen drives.Just Copy the image folder and desktop.ini, where u need image background.
Impress Your Friend using this trick, And also share with friends & Others!!!


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