Sunday, October 21, 2012

Get Cheats and Review With Download Borderlands 2 for PC Full Version

In this post I will discuss about how free download borderlands 2 for pc with cheats. After a long wait by borderlands games fans, now game release and hit hard in the market. Millions of fans are anticipated some dramatically games similar to last version, but this version is beyond their imagination and break almost previous borderland records. Most selling PSp3 games in 2012.

The actually reason behind the success of borderlands is RPG and FPS genres, all about 3 millions copies of part 1 had been released after the releasing date. But this version gets more success and sold out more than 4 millions copies till now. Mostly gamer tag this game as a role playing at first person shooter game. Not like Pepsi man download free.

There are number of reason why this game is more success than any other game, because of the cell-darker or glittering graphics, almost infinity of guns with sort of varieties, remarkable sounding effect relates to situation of the game, suddenly changing of environment, story-line or many other games mode changing effect reasoned of success this game over world wide.

Download Borderlands 2 PC Requirement

I already discuss about games features that reason of success borderlands 2.If you download it on your pc than you must have fully hardware configure system with heavy graphic card, other requirement are;

• Ram not less than 1 GB (2 to 3 GB recommended)
• Graphic Card (Must have more than 2 GB)
• 2 to 4 G hard disk space
• Heavy Processor i3 recommended

The real excitement comes true during playing with your 2 to 3 buddy, the main success of this borderland is basically multiplayer mode and character creating mode. As previous comic book style graphic, you just required run and blow up at any critical situation. With every new stage of game you may experience some major blow cell shaded effects or new surrounding with your buddy.

.Dll Files required for Download Borderlands 2

This game required all necessary direct x files, so you can download it from Microsoft site free. Without his there is some kind of .Dll error during playing borderland or your time will be wasted.

Every new stage of game comes with new thrilling scenes or dreadfully happening, so don’t get do excited after seeing some beautiful surroundings. Gamer get reward after killing foes or other enemy boss, more you get points more you will get extraordinary weapons that you help to complete difficult stage easy.

Borderlands game start with just 2 ordinary weapons, as you progress in the game and killing some bad stuff than you collect some more special weapons and no of guns increasing with your increasing points or stars. For free download borderlands 2 you just need to download torrent files in your pc.

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