Saturday, October 20, 2012

Review How to free download game battle realms (413MB) With Tips and Tricks

Get full turn with swing battle realms, many players still confused about buying that CD, because games are getting expensive day by day. Real Time Strategy, FPS, mind or other kinect games still on top in that area of gaming. Get full review and also free download game battle realms, the best (MMORG) on pc.

Warhammer Mark was the inventor of those types of strategies games. There are many other like Max payne,mass effect, freedom fighter, far cry, but battle realms is best among all and stand different place among by Namco Bandai. Just like other drag and click, or zooming options battle realms developer try to same like other due to straightforward and easy for playing.

System Requirement For free download game battle realms

Unlike other wii remote playing games, you have to learn before using it otherwise you can’t play it well, after learn the basics you still miss playing on keyboards o laser mouse. For free download game battle realms isn’t required heavy hardware compatible system, just make sure your VIGA is more than 1 GB.

Just like constant Empire and the Chaos campaigns, battle realms include all tricks to overcome their enemy, just remember, your just one mistake disturbed your whole team planning. Just concentrate on per-determined battle and your task team, this game called by Phantagram, due to awesome strategy game, and mostly site include in his list.While playing this one review best kinect sports games for kids.

Strategy Game

I played many strategy game straightforward without any planning, battle realms isn’t like that, sometime you required more than few hour to complete particular stage, the only key to survive is Attack and defense in proper time. Just make proper plan like melee fighters upfront and you attack after that, although you have many advance weapons, but you must to defeat enemy station for getting it.

Air guns continuously firing on your team at different stages, you have to be very careful in those areas, you have two option either go fight using the siege weapons or just cross the path right away. Siege weapon use to destroy building and air ship base, but getting siege weapon isn’t very easy. Just click the link below for free download game battle realms.

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