Friday, October 26, 2012

Shake Camera On Pro Apk Android

* Do Not Miss important moments * While play game, internet surfing, walking, running, On the subway, everywhere, just Volume + Shaking. Never Missed your moment!

LCD ON(Unlock status)
- Hold down Volume up or Volume down key + Shake

LCD OFF(Lock status)
- Hold down Power Key + Shake

Then, Automatically Camera on!

- It can launch while internet surfing, game etc.
- After reboot system, this app will restart as background service automatically unless off.

[Only Pro Version]
1. Choose a Camera or a Video.
2. If you choose both, dialog will display after shaking.
3. Automatically recover original volume.
4. No Ad.
5. Less than 1M size
6. No launch app when disconnected call.
7. Most of the bugs has been fixed.
8. After take a photo, does not show setting page.

Release lock screen can access camera more quickly.
(If lock screen is activated, just release lock screen after shaking, then you can see camera preview.)

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