Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Some Best Pc Games in 2012 And Upcoming Thrill

You already played different types of PC games, in this post I will tell you about some top ranking best pc games in 2012.There are many popular PC or best hd android games 2012 , some of them you already play, and some are upcoming.

Now first review some old stuff, but incredible games to play.

Super Mario Game

All most all gamers played that suburb game. Super Mario breaks all previous games record in most playable game.

Pepsi Man Game

Another great game, working on windows 98 after games developer modify Pepsi man and make compatible to xp.You can Pepsi man download here.

Sega Games

Another great game series, sega games also very well liked games due to it’s variety of rang. Different types of gamers play that games according to sort of selection.

Tekken Games

All tekken series is very famous fighting game series. Fighting lovers put their aggression on this game during playing with your friends. You can also Free Download tekken 5 here.

All above are Old stuff, but still popular among games lovers. Also review some Best Pc games in 2012.

Borderland 2

Due to it's craze among gamer after release 1st edition of borderlands, games developer decided to make another part, more improved version than previous one.Review more on at http://www.gameslido.com/

The Amazing Spiderman

Another great game in 2012.Due to its 3d effect or incredible surrounding, the amazing spider man is one of the best game in 2012. The Resident Evil 6 You already known about that game. Resident evil series is full of horror or some dreadfully scenes, so avoid play this game, if you are alone. That is zombie games, due to increase of popularity of that series, games developer tries to make some awesome work in every new edition of resident evil.

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