Friday, October 19, 2012

Tekken 5 Free Download For Pc With Complete Story

In this post I will tell you about, how you can tekken 5 download free for pc.Mishima and Kazama the two big characters in whole tekken series and story revolves around both families.That why this is a most popular game in any fighting games.

Each chapter is more interesting than previous with adding some more twist or thrill. Every chapter effect games sequence and participants which show in the next part. Some character disappeared because of death or any incident while some character newly added and boost the ranking and competition of that game.

Mainly the story around about both two characters that I mentioned above (Heihachi or Kazama).If you played tekken 3 than you know what happened to the Heihachi at the end. Kazuya beat Heihachi and take charge the kingdom.At the end of that chapter Jin enter to the field og fifhting as a youngster (Heihachi is a grandfather of jin) Actually Jin trained by Kazama so he is a partner of Kazama.This chapter closed when grandfather shoot his grandson Jin.

PC requirement for Tekken 5 Download

You must have fully advanced pc with some latest graphics card (I GP) for running smoothly in your pc or laptop.

Every one believes that Heihachi was death in the previous chapter of tekken series, but somehow he survive and back to the action with more natural powers.

Let’s some talk about tekken 5 chapter that is most interesting and turning chapter in the history of that games. Quality background effect and adding some more character like Jack-5, Roger Jr., and Devil Jin increase the shin of that version of game. You can see this after Tekken 5 Download free.

The one thing I like in this action is realistic features and storyline. Participant never feels boring during playing this. IF you play with your friends than the excitement increased to the next upper level.

Devil Jin is the top character in this session. With some enormous power and skills very difficult to defeat him in a big margin. Just one mistake and you are in trouble during fighting devil jin.every character has adding some power and life but also because of super power you could be died in just one punch like tekken 3 by jin.

The game change completely in next chapter tekken 6, the boss called Egyptian God and he is very strong and can destroy anything with little power. The next unplayable character in this chapter is Azazel, more dangerous and tough character. You can notice when you reach to the Azazel, level in that game.

At the end you can see some dreadful occasion or some interesting events. I recommend you to play with every character and fin-out about whole story of tekken games.

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