Sunday, October 14, 2012

Top Rated 2012 Xbox-Playstation Games List Review

2012 is considered to be as the best gaming year. There are allot of Xbox, PC, kinect games which became very popular among all gamers, and on the other hand gaming companies generate millions of revenue from these games. Best 2012 games like mass effect 3, Diablo 3, final fantasy, hit man, and the top rated angry bird.

Angry bird is even so much popular that our youngster love to wear shirts embossed with a logo of angry bird. And shirts manufacturer produce millions of shirts and sold them throughout the world.

Let’s talk about the top rated games of 2012

Mass Effect 3

Mass effect has already been launched its old versions in 2012, but this year they Launched its latest version Mass effect 3. Though I am not a big fan of this game but you know why still it’s on the top of most rated games? Our generation going to be more violent and they love such games and they are waiting of Mass effect 4.

Diablo 3

Diablo 3 is on the second number in the top ranking games. After very long time almost twelve years developer Blizzard released the Diablo 3. The best thing which people love in this game you have option to change your hero to handle the situation according to the critical situations. Find out your enemies and kill them and win a sword of honor.

Max Payne 3

I am great fan of Max the real hero of this game Max Payne 3. Like other top rated games this game is also a fighting game. After 9 years Rockstar Studios launched Mac Payne 3. It is one of the best play station and Xbox game which is still going up in its ranking. You can play it online a best multiplayer game.

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