Monday, November 19, 2012

Tips to write a seo friendly article

A search engine optimization (SEO) friendly article needs to have several basic features. Writing an article that is optimized for search engines is quite simple, once you get used to researching and selecting keywords.

SEO-friendly signifies that people will be able to discover the article effortlessly, when looking for a specific topic on major search engines. The manner in which you write plays a role in this process.

These are the basics that you need to know in order to write SEO-friendly articles quickly.

• Keyword Research and Selection 
When you come up with a certain topic, start researching keywords. Select a set of words and phrases that people will use to discover your topic on the web.

Once you have selected your keywords, carry out your research. Many websites, including Google, have a keyword analysis tool. This tool will help you determine how popular your keywords are and how many websites are competing to rank well for these specific phrases.

Select niche phrases and keywords that few other authors are writing about.

The next step is to include your keywords in the text. In order to have a SEO-friendly text, you need to achieve relatively high keyword density. Include the keyword as often as possible in your article.

• Title Selection 
Your title must contain at least one important keyword or key phrase.

Search engines take titles under special consideration. A SEO-friendly article needs to have a well-optimized title.

Your title must be descriptive enough to tell readers what the article is all about and keyword optimized, in order to score well in search engines.

• Unique Content 
Never rely on duplicated content. Copying text from another source will interfere with your SEO efforts.

Create original articles. Develop your ideas in your own way. The uniqueness of your content is of key importance in terms of creating SEO-friendliness.

The more popular a topic is, the more competition you will have. Selecting specialized themes and providing your expert knowledge is the easiest way to get your article optimized for search engines.

• Bulleted Lists 
If possible, include bulleted lists in your article.

Search engines can crawl easily through lists. Paragraphs contain too much unnecessary information that interferes with the job of search engines.

When writing for web, you can alter your style. Brief sentences, short paragraphs and bulleted lists will be your best tools in the efforts to create SEO-friendly content.

• Subheadings 
Add subheadings that provide more information about the topic of the paragraphs that will follow.

Subheadings have two important functions. They help readers learn more about the main topics discussed in the article. Further, they provide search engines with important information about your content.

Include keywords and key phrases in your subheadings. Make them distinguishable and SEO-friendly.

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