Monday, November 5, 2012

What Google Provide For Android Phone?

We do see varies of Android Apps at Google Play store.And May be you are puzzled which one to choose that is best for you. If so, why don’t take a tour at Google products for Android.For google Android products, you don’t have to worry about the security problem and can enjoy the better experience in generalcy.So let’s start to see what Google provide for Android smartphone.

1 Google Search
Google is the largest search engine in the world.And it provides satisfying search results.You have no reason that you don’t want to use it.If you are lost in a travel, then it’s a good choice to search where you are and escape from the situation.

2 Google Play Music
If you are a music lover,you have to go to Google Play Music which provides up to 20,000 more songs,you can find your favorite start easily.And it will store what you listened to in case for your next visit.You can also share the purchased song with Friends by Google+ instantly.


I do love Kindle Fire.But if you want to save much or don’t want such a big tablet,then you can download Google Play Books for your phone.It will allow you to choose from millions of titles on Google Play including new releases, New York Times best sellers, up-and-coming authors, and free books etc.Just enjoy the fun of reading.

4 Google Play Movies & TV
Watch the latest or hottest movies on Google Play Movies.If you don’t have to time to watch online,you can choose to download it first.And then take with your pocket, watch it anywhere when you are free.

5 Google Drive
If it happens that you don’t take the usb flash drive, then come to Google Drive, you can store all your files in one place, so you can access them from anywhere and share them with others.Or you can download documents,photos,videos or any other files from Google Drive to your phone.It can’t be convenient any more, which is of course for the not so large file.

6 Google Voice
Even just with with Google number,you can make cheap international calls and send free text messages. Place calls and send text messages showing your Google number. Listen to voicemail and read transcripts.

7 Google Currents
With Google Currents, you can download news for off line reading in the wifi environment to kill the time when you are on bus or other tools.Google Currents delivers beautiful magazine-like editions to your tablet and smartphone for high speed to make you enjoy reading.No matter entertainment, sports, science or more,you can just find it on Google Currents.

We also get Google Play Magazines,Google Translate,Google Earth,Google Goggles,YouTube,Google Reader etc.Google do provide us a lot products on most common side.If you are an Google official apps lover, then this article can be a good guide for you to use Google products for android.

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