Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Download Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2012-3 for PC and Android Full Version

Excitement more and more after the new releases of EA best game “Pro Evolution Soccer” So in this post I discuss some advance tricks that might be new to regular fifa customers. Mostly gamers still confused within pc or android version available for PES 2012 or 2013.Also review which is the most popular game Fifa vs PES.

Gamers reviewed that 2012 is the most balanced or tricky version ever. Very difficult to moving the ball between the two players. That’s why mostly time participant win by 1-2 ratio of goal. So that area also realizes by EA developer and looses their rope for more excitement.One of the greatest hd android game.

Download Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2012-3 for PC

Just follow these steps for downloading this game, if your PC doesn’t meet requirement like (1GB Ram, DLL files, 1 GB Viga) so don’t waste your time for this heavy file. It seems so weird when you give your time for crap.

PES 2012 VS 2013

Although previous version of PES is better than subsequent and disappoint players after playing, because expectation were more and expectation always hurts .But They got their expectation in next part 2013,that is one of the most amazing and viewers loving part.

Although you experience some exasperating in 2012 version during passing a ball at specific placed team member.You also may trouble when referee Push a buzzed in just little infringement. So you have to be careful in every movement especially at dead end.

You also some bad experience over tackling the ball with mouse or your touch bad, because all buttons are clumsy or difficult to control a ball. Some time players kick hard and get different result. Some time loose shoot cross the ball over the line and opponents get a chance to get score.

Multitasking although a great function but very hard to utilized in .So game developers also work hard for make easy for both ends.

PES 2013

So if you wasn’t played 2012 version, than I recommend you to go for. Although not all the things bad in 2012, you never forget about the designer efforts over the whole theme of the game, HD background effects with every amazing shot attract you to find some more thrill. You also experience some remarkably manage crowd or designing of stadium. But the next part of PES covers all the things perfectly.

Just like PC, developers make their best efforts for making available for touch system, so you don’t miss the hd thrill over your any particular tablets. I’m not sure this will work on windows 8 (touch) because many gamers want to play with touch.Click here download for android.

So that’s all about the world most running and ranked game By EA.

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