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Review Best HD Games 2012-3 for Android App By Gamesplit

Best HD Games
Reviewed by M.Umair on Dec 09 2012
Rating: 4

It’s hard to find out best hd games 2012-3 for android, because so much rush out there with every little release per day. So I’m decided to write a post on some quality or stunning graphics based hd games. Either you have android tablets or any phone device you can’t use it better without playing these games on that.

Are you looking football manage on hd or experience some racing game like asphalt or some thrilling game like dark knight rises? This is the only place where you get your particular game on some viewers review.

Some games although get hype because of their trademark or company but users disappoint after playing that because they are paying for that and want some quality or time pas game.Review more Google android games.

Best HD Android Games 2012

Now get ready for reviewing some quality graphics games 2012 for android also review some upcoming hd games.


This game is available for only kinect version or android mobiles so don’t waste your time finding Kinectimals for ios. In this game you experience some funny animals with jumping and performing different stunts. I don’t know how it’s working on android mobile because I played Kinectimals for kinect station. But if you looking game for kids than I recommend you to go with this one.

N.O.V.A Orbit 3 HD

Now if you are looking some thrilling or action packed game than go for N.O.V.A orbit3.The main theme of the game is to survive some supernatural atmospheres. You have to face some very amazing hd creatures for every level of the game. If you are looking some thrill game than go for N.O.V.A Orbit 3. So far I vote for N.O.V.A as a Best HD Android Games 2012.

Asphalt 7 HD

Just like other regular game, this game is a precious gift for racing game lovers. Every level of the game you undergoes some dangerous thrilling stunt and stuck after seeing hd cars. I also laced asphalt 7 on best 3d android game because of some unbelievable effects. This version is only for android if you are looking some pc version than you have to read out my previous post on asphalt 6 download.

Best HD Android Games 2013

Now after reviewing some top quality game of 2012, get ready for future excitement and some top releases in January 2013.

Banana Kong

I already write a post on that, but again I attract your attention toward that game, because this game is a advance version of very amazing or famous game (Temple Run).So if you like temple run than I’m sure you like also this one and very special gift by android developers. I think this game is the Best HD Android Games 2013.

Broken Sword 5

So great news for Kickstarter fans, enjoying the broken sword next upcoming version in 2013.I just notice the price of that game that is much more compare to other ($15).But this adventures game give your money value. This game is symbol of personalized drawings from the art team. So if you are art lovers than I recommend you to play that game.

There are much Best HD Android Games 2012-13, but for time being I discuss only some best one. But if you are finding more upcoming game than I recommend you to review Leisure Suit Larry, Shadowrun Online, and dead island 4.

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