Friday, December 28, 2012

Review Best Xbox kinect games 2012-3 For Kids and Teenagers

Revolution comes after the launch of kinect mode, now gaming industry move to entirely different phase. Gamer would like to play kinect based mode other than PC or Xbox 360.You just play with the motion of your body, doesn't required controls to grip for playing games.

This mode allows you to play in broad area with your family and kids. Now in this post I will tell you about some top or best kinect games 2012 for kids so review it one by one.

These types of games is the top selling games in this year (2012) with some great games, although Xbox 360 or WII games are still in action, but due to unique class mostly gamer would like to play with their friends. Still many gamer look forward Sims 3 on this mode.

Best Xbox kinect games 2012 For Kids and Teenagers

I arrange a list of games that best in 2012.What do you think about playing fifa or cricket in your bedroom take a review.Just like 3D android games 2012.

Dance Central

User gives 9.8 out of 10, so you anticipate about its craze and fame among kinect sports games. Dance central release 2 parts of game series that are also exciting and improved version than previous. I like part one, it’s your choice but I recommend you to play both dance central parts.

This game is packed with all lessons, which you can utilize in your dancing skills and improved without any professional training. Review it at Amazon.

Shape Fitness Evolved

Another great game for teenagers about their health or fitness issues. All modern exercise steps are packed in one CD.You can learn all basic or modern steps of Yoga, Martial Arts, and become the master without any teacher.

This game also learns you about the ways of fighting and how you can overcome your opponent easily. Overall rating of Shape Fitness Evolved is 8.5 out of 10 and 3rd in my list.

Upcoming Kinect Games 2013

Many more new best kinect games 2012 for kids expected in year 2013,you will experience some more just dance part and the amazing spider man subsequent version with download football manager 2013.

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