Friday, December 7, 2012

Review latest or Popular Upcoming IOS Games of December 2012 or 2013

Now good news for ios users to review some most popular or upcoming ios games. Actually android games are on top but an apple market is just behind the scene. So you can’t avoid those games on ios. I don’t know about it’s working on android but these games specially design for IOS and if you have IPAD,I phone or any IOS device than you don’t need to Waite more fun and excitement.

Required enough time for describing any little IOS game releases, so in this discussion I just reveal some 4 to 5 stars game apps only for IOS. I’m not sure its working on android phones. So review it from ITUNE before installation.If you are looking some PC game than review tekken 6 the final.

Latest IOS Games of December 2012

You time to review some ending fun in 2012, so don’t miss it if you having some any apple device. I just collected these stuff some top IOS sites and describe in short detail.

Bad Piggies

This game actually design according to angry birds theme, developer makes his best efforts to make some extraordinary IOS game like the popular angry birds. I think you really surprise by his efforts because Bad Piggies is really amazing game with some HD effects. Really shocking experience for me, what about you?

God of Blades

You remind some classic Sword & Sworcery after experience god of blades. This IOS game design with Extremely quality art and motion effects. So you really inspire after playing God of blades.

Upcoming IOS Releases 2013

Here are below some latest upcoming IOS games of 2013, so review it if you decided to surprise own friends with the really amazing app. You can view its official trailer in January 2013.Review more best scary games 2012.

Banana Kong

Banana King is the really awesome IOS game releases in upcoming year, so ready for more excitement and jumping with your favorite animals on deep forest. In this game your mission is to get banana that is somewhere in jungle. Some of them are among a trees rush or some are mystery to discover.

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