Monday, December 3, 2012

Top 3 Best Android Games of November 2012

Every developer‘s aim to make some unique or trademark in android world. More unique or interesting the game will be, more developer get marks. In this post I will discuss some best android and IOS games of November 2012.So if you miss these one than don’t waste more time to experience the real android games.

Many authority sites claim the best android games in this month, so I just arrange some awesome or well-designed android games by different developers.

Best Android Games of November 2012

Review some most exciting and HD impact game, I arrange different variety of game according to users voting.

Cryptic Kingdoms HD

In this game your duty is to arrange item on suited locations. There are different HD-rendered locations will be front of you and you placed suited objects in a line resolving complex patterns and confusing arrays. One of the amazing thing in this game, you can’t assume the subsequent object in every stage of Cryptic Kingdoms.Review more puzzled or funny android games like that


Another Best Android Games of November 2012; it’s not a full flesh shooting-em-up. The whole idea of the game is save someone life. You can view a zombie in a police uniform confront with other enemies. You walk around with this character in California playgrounds, parking lots and people’s houses. There are many few objects are in front of you during solving puzzle in particular stage.Well-designe and arranged little HD object attract your attention and boost the intense of subsequent level.

Beach Buggy Blitz

How I could miss Beach Buggy Blitz for car racing lovers. Beach Buggy Blitz design by Vector Unit. I’m sure after plying this game you will explore more games of this development company.

There are other many Best Android Games of November 2012 but now time being I will discuss only top 3.

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