Thursday, December 13, 2012

Top 6 Best Android IOS Games 2012 For Iphone 4s And Samsung Galaxy

Time to fun with latest and best android IOS games 2012 for iphone 4s or and Samsung galaxy. You have android phone and still deprive from amazing games? No worries you may get full downloaded games of your own interest  This post is about various games for IOS or android phones.

Here are Some Best IOS games 2012 for iphone 4s

King of Fighter III Deluxe

King of Fighter III Deluxe is one of the most popular android games. The difference between king of fighter III and other fighting games like tekken series best of them is Tekken 5 for Pc and prince of Persia this game is more professional than other, its controls, kicks; punches are more exact and accurate. You can aim first before hitting your target to let him down of the ring. King of Fighter for Hd android games for samsung galaxy s3.

Dragon Rush:

Before the creation of this universe there was gigantic dragon’s rule on this planet. Y began when dragon stuck up in mysterious place where he faces strange power razes which make him more gigantic in his own power. Now the game player is tends to stop him to make him more gigantic and powerful. Now game is in your hands.Dragon Rush is the most selling best android IOS games 2012 for iphone 4s or 5.

Pyramid run:

Is personally my favorite game. 14 mb file sized game is seems nothing but you will feel it more interesting when you have a target to save the mummies of ancient Egypt from different dangers and monsters dragons, but make sure your game character should keep alive. Control your character by sliding on screen. You can find it as a pyramid run 1.0 android.

Candy Racer:

Do you like racing games? If yes than don’t wait and go for a single player candy racer which allows you to enjoy the beautiful colors of nature Drive your car on imaginary flowers leafs, stems. You will really enjoy. It seems like a kiddy game but elders more like it than kids. 12 Mb game you ca search it from its official website.

Tom Clancy Android HD game:

Tom Clancy is one of the most interesting android games. In this game you are supposed to be a pilot. Fly your military plane. Save your important documents from enemies. Take them to save place according to the military orders. Kill your enemies and crush out their planes with the installed missiles in your own plane. Each time on accomplish of mission you will be awarded by an army badge.

Need for speed:

Is the best racing game of android. Control your car by sliding your fingers; earn more point to unlock expensive cars and the tracks of your own choice. More points will reach you to the stage where you can buy every car. Otherwise they will remain locked. You can directly download free from its official website, file size 1.8 Mb.

There are many different sites where you download best android IOS games 2012 for iphone 4s, after reviewing users rating.

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