Monday, December 24, 2012

Top Rated PC Games 2012 VS Android smart phone or Kinect

Games developers always desire to make some awesome for making their brand or trademark. Although Pc games is still on top,but huge changes seem after releasing of android or ios.That’s why XBOX company introduce kinect station for clearly draw a line between mobiles games or other mode of games. That’s why you can’t compare all these technology according to 1 to 5.

Genre developers still discovering more ways to release something special and unique to gamer. Other games like Half-Life 2 and Quake 4 very famous due to extremely quality 3-d graphics and still gamer loves to play that.

Review some Top Rated PC Games 2012 pc games

In this publish I’ll tell you some first-person shooters or other over top rated games for PC.

WWE Smackdown Vs Raw

WWE is not a normal PC game, available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and pc also. ECW brand release wwe smackdown 2012 and get fame quickly among big community. Wrestler are basically two main type I this version primary or secondary, you have to fight with both of them also for confront wrestler, download wwe smackdown vs raw 2012 from Gameslido.

Tekken Series

Tekken series still no1 fighting game inclusion of single of multiplayer mode. Although gamer enjoy more on kinect station or with wii remote, but still huge community of tekken games loves to play on pc. Every time you experience different surrounding and story-line during playing each tekken character, Download tekken 5 with review. Another best PC Games 2012.

Pepsi Man

Despite from all golden age, Pepsi man still finding place and compete with many big pc game. I don’t know this game run on your android phone or not, but many lover wants to play on their iPhone or ipad. Review more about ASPHALT 7 via this link.

Far Cry

Another great game in term of surroundings, far cry is popular because of its unique story-line and interesting character, this game is emphasize on many realistic or man made film. You feel pressure in savanna and the wind is blowing in any edge. Also discussed in many site and listed in best Samsung galaxy games.

Resident Evil Series

After the release of 6th edition, the resident series of PC still very much like among gamer. Although want to play resident evil parts on their kinect,but PC mode easy for controls the character of limo or john new one in latest parts, I play recent resident evil zero with wii, and not happy with this.

Many other games except tekken,asphalt,the amazing spider man.This is just a few one Top Rated PC Games 2012, many other still waiting for you to play on PC mode.

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