Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cue club 2 download free for PC Full Version by Gamesplit

In this post I would like to share some interesting stories while . Every time I played that game feel something new, this is not just a balls & stick game, you have to be strong enough while plying some higher level player.

I recently beat my friend at 96 score with two balls spare, could you image this score in just 6 balls game. If you didn't play sue club either online or club, than you have plenty of fun and excitement win this game.

Because of some virus contain, I couldn't paste a link over there as I get any suitable link not a trail version, I instant upload this via commenting section. But if you want to get that link, than I can direct you that source.

Online Cue Club at Miniclip

IF you want to play with me, than note my username (umairwinner). I will be over there between 6 to 10. I want to reach level 80, this level is for grand master and after reaching this level you can set own rules, buying any table or awesome cues. Currently my level on miniclicp is only 17, and lose many points on regular basis .

What about this game is so much popular at clubs, I think this is the only offline sport that required very much focus or some mental strength. Losing your focus at any stage of the game could be out of the tournament during playing some high level players.This one of my most favorite pc games.

Share with me your real life experiences and win any tournaments with me using commenting. And join me on miniclip.

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