Saturday, January 12, 2013

Download USB driver for Samsung galaxy note 2 & S3 for Windows & Mac

Samsung galaxy Note 2 is the easiest and trouble free device using media sharing through window and MAC via KIES.But many of us don’t know about the whole procedure because through KIES you have to complete some long process, so that’s why I discuss about how you can Download USB driver for Samsung galaxy note 2 & S3 especially for both windows and Mac without any troubleshooting issues.

The main advantage of galaxy note is supporting MTP function that allows you to add or remove files in multiple phone storage. Before downloading it you can install MTP driver from android library.

Although It’s a trouble free method for Samsung galaxy note 2, but not same for S3 because of some hardware differences.

Download USB driver for Samsung galaxy note 2 & S3 for Windows

Now First I would like to discuss about Note 2, first get some cable (probably with your galaxy note 2) connect your galaxy note 2 with pc and waited for automatically installation. If you don’t see any installation automatically than go to the My computer and find out usb driver via location.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 USB Drivers for Mac

There is no difference between Windows and mac during installation this usb driver. Just Mac has already installed program that turn on during any driver installed. So just connect the cables in to your particular mac device and get ready for transferring media files in streamline.

Download USB driver for Samsung galaxy S3

Although the process is comparatively same, but you will face some issues during operating on Samsung galaxy smart phone discussing below. Same driver required for S3 connection with windows pc and Mac.

Some issues

Just make sure your Particular windows patch or mac support up to 32 GB SD card. Still on process if windows 8 installed in your pc.

There are also some compatibility issues with 64, 32 GB with various android Versions.

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