Friday, January 25, 2013

Free Download Latest Whatsapp Messenger for Nokia 5250 via Gamesplit

Whatsapp messenger is the most popular app among symbian mobiles. Still many users didn't know about it, they spend thousands of money for texting their friends overseas. So in this post I will discuss some features of Whatsapp messenger and how you can download for Nokia 5250.

You don’t need to spend money for international texting, just use the features of free app and enjoy through impressive cross-platform. According to survey, 1.2 million users already download this app and get benefits from it.

Whatsapp is available for all popular application through 3G or Wi-Fi like Symbian, android and IOS. So don’t worry about downloading only for Nokia 5250.

Download Whatsapp Messenger for Nokia 5250

After downloading you can not only text your friends, but there are also many features like sending videos and music any images or funny emotions. I’m not sure about sending DOC through this.

Like other mail services this app respond quickly, as you send massage to any friends, this app instantly respond and show on your screen as a pop-up. Some old versions react differently. This app automatically scan listed accounts that are already in your contact list, they automatically send invitation to all, but you can set it according to yours choice.

This application react through XMPP, so very much chances for hack your secrets information through this. Although in latest versions development team work hard on this and make safe as possible.

Sorry for Windows Phone users that this version isn't support their devices. IF you are beginner and start this app at first time than get ready for some verification steps.

Things to Remember After Download Whatsapp for Nokia 5250

After downloading this application, first it will ask you about your NO, for being verification, after verify your account you could sending unlimited free text.

Whatsapp messenger isn't work without SIM card, so make sure about this. This application is free just for one year.

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