Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review The Best Multiplayer Fighting Games Ever in Play station or Pc

Long time ago games changing according to the nature of environment and new generation. I remember what a craze on street fighting or tekken games series among teenagers. Although the excitement still transform to new generation but some of the best multiplayer fighting games series still on top.

Mostly gamers play only fighting games with their friends, because mostly gamers especially teenager show their aggression with such things, I know how I am fully focus during playing tekken 3 or street fighting games with school friends.

Best Multiplayer Fighting Games Ever in Playstation or PC

So in this post I will discuss some top multiplayer games ever in the history of fighting games on both popular mode playstation and PC .I surprise over Xbox new mode (kinect), that they didn't release any fighting games like street fighting on it.

I really disappointing the efforts by kinect mode developers towards this area. Why they only focus restricted games like just dance or kids especially kinectimals.

Tekken Games Series

I loved that game series other than any fighting games. I also played some street fighting version, but found this game is much better than that. Many gamers also like similar version (tekken tag) in that series. The mainly reason of this popularity is the stream flow interesting story-line with every version, so gamers eager to play and know what is the next?

Street Fighting Series

Street fighting although a much popular multiplayer fighting games series other than tekken, but due to the complexity or game nature many gamers didn't like that. Although its advance version having some great stunt or action but overall rating is below compare to tekken series.

WWE Smackdown Vs Raw

I don't know either it's multiplayer or not, but if you talk about fighting games series than you can't forget this game, best than ever in this history of wrestling games.

If you know some more multiplayer fighting games series than share with me through commenting, for know I remember only these two popular multiplayer fighting games.

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