Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review on Best Tekken series Character on Wii U Edition

After immense popularity games developer launch tekken series on WII U station for more realistic facts. I’m sure if you played it via WII remote than many things you observe closely in this game. That’s why many follower still waiting its launch on kinect station.

The Final Boss-Azazel

Azazel is the all-rounder or unplayable tekken character in this final version, you face little harder during facing it, and Azazel has great new moves or skills, that you might be trouble in some stage of the game. One thing criticized most about the makeup of some character like Azazel, although has great moves but spike encrusted tail or some old fashion dragon style in his chest. Actually Azazel is the final boss of series games, stronger enough and you'll be blown away in that stage.


Egyptian influences are all around you during playing this, surrounding or some dark effect. What about Xiaoyu in this sequel, I recommend you to play with Xiaoyu at least one time, because I love its lobe story the Xiaoyu is about how a school girl revenge behalf her partner. One of the amazing thing about Xiaoyu its secret weapon, hide somewhere in body, that’s why she should surprised their opponent in any moment. Jin Kazama is the man, you will see at the end, when she beat Azazel (the final boss).

Steve Fox

How an English boxer life turned in to must survival series? Superb character ever in that game series with numerous combo or martial art skills. Steve one of the top-tier character, that assigned by Heihachi Mishima's evil. With new moves like Paul Phoenix or Dragon art, Steve is another unplayable character in tekken 6 download. You must know about each combo of Steve that may be easy for you to beat Azazel.


With same look Yoshimutu (Japanese ninja) come to with new move or fighting skills. I know some time in yoshimitsu look dizzy and fall over in front of mostly opponent, but in this chapter he has more supernatural power or ability to face opponent in another way.What do think about tekken tag against this one?

Up to 40 characters appeared in this final chapter with new moves, Bryan, Julia Bruce - King of Muay Thai and many other appeared with unique story-line.

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