Friday, February 15, 2013

Top 5 Best hd android/IOS games 2013 for Samsung galaxy or HTC

You feel something missing in your Samsung galaxy s3 without downloading hd games. I know there are thousands of gaming apps; sometime you face troubles in front of many. Different user has different choices regarding games selection, some would like to play flash or some hd, some loves to play strategy or some dating. So in this post I will discuss only high definition games for both IOS and android devices.

There are various astonishing releases in 2012.You may trouble which I download for galaxy Samsung s3.Here are below some most interesting or thrilling hd games for you to spend their spare time. Some of them are little bit expensive, some free to download fro Google play store.

Not only Samsung galaxy, you can also download various one in your other particular mobiles. Review one by one and get the best one according to users rating.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit HD

You already played need for speed series in your pc, but what about in hd print, during play this game in your smart phone you can see the great difference in both games mode. Although you can face little bit difficulty during playing on smart phone compare to pc, but after lots of practice you could able to controls the movements on any edge areas.

Gt racing is one of the renowned hd games among gamer, you may experience any thrilling action right behind your Samsung galaxy, due to big hd screen users loves to download it. This game is also available in your pc, just like kinect sports games this one hit hard on market. You become an expert after lots of practice.

Skateboard Party Hd

This is for Full of adventurous, thrilling and skateboarding lovers. You enjoy with this 3d capability modern device games. Although this game has many versions, most popular is pro skateboarding android, but developers try their best effort to make this one real game for smart phone.

Although this one is a paid android game and you can review it at Google play or Amazon store. But most playable or well-liked.Max effect 3 is one of the most favorite versions among all previous one. Play in Samsung galaxy s3 is a really great fun due to extra large amoled hd screen or high quality graphics.

Grand Theft Auto III HD

Rockstar games become famous after launching grand theft auto series, although this company introduced many other great games like Max Payne or resident evil, but this one is most popular in android games, thousands of users already download and top sites gives rating 8 out of 10.So if you didn’t played before than you miss big fish. This game is renowned for theft classics car or completes levels. Every level you face different hd surrounding.

That’s not only games list many other like angry birds space, max Payne or far cry very much popular among gamer. Kinect games are another booming industry represented by Xbox team you can Review more about Best For Iphone 4s Or 5.

There is variety of apps for latest Samsung version, but in this post I will only discussed about popular collection. See more relevant topic about gaming world.

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